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Welcome to the home of Snake Eyes

Swedish heavy metal band with an 80's sound -
Sex, drugs and rock'n roll... What's your pleasure?

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Sollentuna centrum - let's get ready to rumble!
This saturday, the 22'nd July, the reunited snake will hit the stage (or possible lack thereof?) at Stinsvillan in Sollentuna Centrum.
Cost? Free, they say.
Time? During the night, they say.
Will there be Rock? You bet, they say...

And remember: This is the year when the Average Joe people of Europe finally embraced metal. Salvation is near, and the Snake is ready to deliver. Repeat after me, please:
Hard... Rock... Halleluja!

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Demo - Sex Gun,
recorded summer 2004:

- Snake Eyes - Sex Gun.mp3
- Snake Eyes - Live To Ride.mp3

Live Clip,
- Take me back (to the 80's),
Anchor, 2005-07-14 [wmw/18mb]


Welcome to home of SNAKE EYES - a swedish heavy metal band with an 80's sound.