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Sollentuna centrum - let's get ready to rumble!
This saturday, the 22'nd July, the reunited snake will hit the stage (or possible lack thereof?) at Stinsvillan in Sollentuna Centrum.
Cost? Free, they say.
Time? During the night, they say.
Will there be Rock? You bet, they say...

And remember: This is the year when the Average Joe people of Europe finally embraced metal. Salvation is near, and the Snake is ready to deliver. Repeat after me, please:
Hard... Rock... Halleluja!

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The Reunion!
A year passed.
Winter changed into Spring.
Spring changed into Summer.
Summer changed back into Winter and Winter gave spring and summer a miss and went straight on into autumn. Until one day...

A reunion in the Snake Cage!
Once again the snake is alive! Mr Frog has returned from the land of everlasting Sun & Cerveza (tm), mr Ivan-Hoe has returned from Umeå (after trashing the local pizzeria and fornecating with the karaoke machine one time too many), mr Montana just bought a truckload of bass pedals, the Goose is loose and when it comes to yours truly, well... I say it's time to Rock!

Exiled members
To clarify the current situation and rectify a misunderstanding... Ivve and Ricco are currently in exile, but will hopefully return to the promised land some time late spring 2006... As such they are considered exiled members and thus still keep their Snake-Eye patented super-powers (such as being able to fly after drinking vodka red-bulls virtually without any red-bull in the mix!!!. Other superpowers include receiving big bills and not being able to pay them * )

Until then, the snake will keep rockin' in the basement of the Snake Cage and hopefully find time to record some new shit...

*) It is questioned whether this qualifies as a superpower, but hey, they can't all be good...

What's new pussycat?
As stout readers may have noticed, things have been quite dead around here lately. No worries though - Freddie's been dead for over a decade, and he's as lively and happy as ever!

As you might know, Ivve Ivanhoe traded his glamorous rock star life in the sleazier parts of Upplands Väsby, for a secluded time of contemplation and searching of inner peace in Umeå (also attending some kind of educational program during this time, in best Tommy Lee style).

Having lost his brother in arms, and very anxious to be on the road, Ricky Montana got bored of waiting around for things to start kicking, and decided to leave Snake Eyes. He will certainly be missed!

Ok, so now what? Well, we'll just have to see what happens - there's an old saying that basists grow on trees. If so, we'll just have to find a decent tree and start shaking! There are a lot of songs that need to be sung, and Freddie can't possibly get laid without the band (and we certainly wouldn't dare giving up on Freddie...)

Oh, by the way, rumours also say that there might just be a reunion tour in the summer of 2006 when Ivanhoe returns from the promised land...

Rock at Suffer-High!
As part of their community charity work, the always charming Snake will play for all you rock-freaks out there at the Suffer-High School at Horny Duty (Högalidsskolan, Hornstull) tonight.

Are you ready to rumble?
This saturday the Snake will squeeze the livin bejeezus out of Fadderbyn, bite it's head of, swallow it whole and shit it out somewhere beside E4'an. Freddie's bone-injury has healed, and he's as ready as ever. The question is: Are you??

Thanx everybody at Bryggeriet / Black Asylum - we'll certainly rock you again some day...

Some new and some changed gig dates
The Fadderbyn gig has been postponed to the 24'th of september. So, with a free weekend what do you do...? You book another gig of course! Snake Eyes will now be supporting Tension Grace at Bryggeriet in Märsta the 2'nd september. We will be there to kick some ass, Freddie will be there to shake some bones, hell, even ex-president Bill Clinton will be there (all hail the chief!).

So what are you gonna do? Sit at home and play video games? Oh no you ain't... Get your no-good sorry excuse for a self in your no-good japanese piece of shit car and drive north for a month or so. And when you arrive in Märsta there will be rock!!!
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Live at Fadderbyn 2nd september
Once again the Snake will hit the stage, this time an outdoors venue courtesy of Fadderbyn in Upplands Väsby. So what the fuck is Fadderbyn you probably ask yourself. Well, who knows. But we'll rock it nevertheless... So, pack your suitcases with beer, don't forget to renew your passport and we'll meet you in the far away land of Upplands Väsby. Rock!!
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Btw: Big spanx to the girls in the Sex Gun tops at the Anchor gig, you kicked ass! (and thanx to everyone else of course eventhough you didn't wear home made snakeyes tees. Oh well, maybe next time... :-) )

Live at Pub Anchor 14th july!
The 14th july the Snake hits the stage on Pub Anchor. Put on your party-pants and boogey your fat ass over there! > Click here for more info <

The Snake is alive!
After lying dormant a couple of years, the Snake is on the move. A gig is being planned for the middle of July, more details coming soon.

Fresh meat for the Snake!
Black Frog and Jon Walker of Snake Eyes have now teamed up with ex-Sharp members Ivve Ivanhoe delivering some kick-ass lead guitar and song writing to the band, and Ricky Montana dealing mindblowing, ear-drum punishing basslines from pounding his 5-string finger-picked bass. Behind the drumkit is once more the Southern Goose (who also did the drum work during the Sex Gun demo recording).
And so, for the first time ever, Snake Eyes is a complete 5-man heavy metal monster machine. Puny humans, tremble before it's might!


Demo - Sex Gun,
recorded summer 2004:

- Snake Eyes - Sex Gun.mp3
- Snake Eyes - Live To Ride.mp3

Live Clip,
- Take me back (to the 80's),
Anchor, 2005-07-14 [wmw/18mb]


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