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This page is currently drinking beer in Ulan Bator.

It might be back tomorrow, but propably not. But he will return. Oh yes. He will return...

(Webmasters note: the text above contained the word "but" twice, which might be mistaken for the word "butt", which, if so, would make this site pornographic. Since it also contains satans favourite muzak (80's metal), it is therefor also likely that it promotes suicide. At least if you read the site contents backwards while standing on your head for a few years or so (and only watching Fox news on TV during this time). If you're not suicidal by then, hell knows... Consider yourself warned.)


Demo - Sex Gun,
recorded summer 2004:

- Snake Eyes - Sex Gun.mp3
- Snake Eyes - Live To Ride.mp3

Live Clip,
- Take me back (to the 80's),
Anchor, 2005-07-14 [wmw/18mb]


Welcome to home of SNAKE EYES - a swedish heavy metal band with an 80's sound.