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Live To Ride
Music & lyrics: Jon

There's no stopping, I keep on rollin' my two wheels
The open highway and winding roads that make me feel...ok!
Cruisin' down the town, I let the engine roar
If there's a girl or two, well I let 'em feel it too

Cause there's nothing more
You can't give me more than all
And that's all you need, when that's all you feel
That's all that you live for

Live to ride
Live to ride
Live to ride
Live to ride
Ride...Live to ride

5-0's all around but they can't keep me off the street
A twist of my right hand sends me screaming through the heat
The smell of gasoline... chrome and leather is my bride
My hearts racing, my blood is boiling when I ride



Let's go!!

Another sunset, another day is gone
But I don't sleep at night, I keep on rollin' until dawn
I never slow down and I'll always take the fight
No punk ass prick, no fucking bitch, can change my life



Live to ride - I keep on rollin'
Live to ride - On my two wheels
Live to ride - You can't hold me back
Live to ride - I ride forever free


Demo - Sex Gun,
recorded summer 2004:

- Snake Eyes - Sex Gun.mp3
- Snake Eyes - Live To Ride.mp3

Live Clip,
- Take me back (to the 80's),
Anchor, 2005-07-14 [wmw/18mb]


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