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The Punisher
Music & lyrics: Jon, Danne

Ever-changing world of fools but the bloodline stays the same
Mankind, oh you broke the rules and forever you're to blame
Rising from the deepest lair with a vengeance in his eyes
He shakes the earth without a care, hell-sent from the lord of flies

Break the seal and commit the sin
Time is up, now the pain sets in
Pounding like a hammer of the giants when he walks
Forged in the eternal burning fire deep in hell

Here comes the everlasting nightfall
Beware of his might
All you see... is your darkest dream
He will hunt you down
The punisher will rise!

Evil reaps what evil sows, and now, evil you shall meet
Assassin of the demon-king, with the whole world at his feet
Not a single word of light, only justice he will bring
Obliterates with a god-like might and your prayers won't do a thing






Demo - Sex Gun,
recorded summer 2004:

- Snake Eyes - Sex Gun.mp3
- Snake Eyes - Live To Ride.mp3

Live Clip,
- Take me back (to the 80's),
Anchor, 2005-07-14 [wmw/18mb]


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